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Summer Teen/Adult Box

The Summer 2022 Teen/ Adult Sensory Box! This is a one time purchase box (no subscription required).

Inside, you will find therapeutic sensory toys and tools geared for the teen + adult age range:

What's inside?

Yogibo Shoulder Wonder

Our shoulders carry the day's stress on them, and it's easy to feel the tension. Shoulder Wonder can help you relax it away!Just let the warmth relax your shoulders and neck, and melt the tension! The Shoulder Wonder is lavender and peppermint scented and can be put in the microwave or freezer for hot or cold sensation. The gentle pressure and weight combined with the heat provides a very calming sensory experience. *Outer cover spot wash only. Ingredients include wheat, natural plants, herbs, peppermint, and lavender.

Analu Therapy Dough

A grown-up version of play dough! Modeled after clay used by art therapists, this dough is infused with essential oils for stress relief. Squeeze and knead this soft scented dough to help manage anxiety and exercise the small muscles of the hand. You can manipulate and use the entire ball of dough, or pull off smaller pieces to roll/ pinch in your fingertips.

Stretchy Dough Ball

Squeeze this super soft ball to help you refocus or manage stress. It's the perfect fidget to keep by your desk or in your car/ bag/ purse. Grab when feeling overwhelmed or when you need a moment to clear your mind.

Snapperz Fidget

This hand fidget makes a 'pop!' noise as you squeeze and release the two suction cup pieces. It exercises the small muscles of the hand and is a great way to keep busy hands occupied and to help relieve stress.

Squish Kitty!

A squeeze ball, but in the shape of a cat! Soft, pliable, and satisfying to squish!

Green Aventurine Worry Stone

Whenever you're feeling anxious or vulnerable, hold this stone in your hand and run your fingers over the smooth surface. It serves as a tactile reminder to slow down, and to focus on on inhaling and exhaling. Fun fact: Green aventurine is known as the "stone of opportunity" and is said to be an attractor of luck, releasing old patterns and habits, so new growth can take place.

Flick Stick

This tactile fidget has a suction cup that can attach to screens and laptop keyboards. Brush your fingertips over the textured part to help you refocus your mind while working/ studying and to help improve concentration.

Spiky Ball

The spiky, textured surface provides lots of tactile sensory stimulation and can help with self-regulation. Squeeze in between the palms of your hands or place on the floor to roll your bare foot over (also an excellent tool to use if you have Plantar Fasciitis!)

Wacky Tracks

This fidget toy bends in many directions to create endless shapes and makes a satisfying “clicking” noise as each link is moved. Bend and manipulate to keep hands busy and to help focus your mind.


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